Mapping Lagos Innovation Assets

The Lagos State Governor through a recently inaugurated Innovation Advisory Council is poised to promote science, technology and innovation as core policy areas that not only hold the key to the state’s future, but could also make it one of the continent’s innovation leaders.

I am delighted at the possible value CcHUB is looking to contribute to this vision through the Lagos Innovation Hotspots Mapping Initiative. The project aims to assemble a detailed picture of the location of high growth and innovative businesses in Lagos in order to enable policy makers to engage in thoughtful analysis of emerging geographical assets. In a nutshell, we want the council to take a thorough approach in their bid to promote “deliberate economic development around Lagos State’s areas of competitive advantage”.

Check out the platform here We have mapped 168 businesses in 12 clusters including hospitality, technology start-ups, financial services, creatives visual arts, fashion, telecoms, Nollywood, creative printing, health services, creatives – photography and creatives – marketing communications.

Beyond engaging stakeholders in identifying the clusters, we are in talks with Mocality to build a unique crawler to identify clustering patterns in their impressive database of businesses in the state. The other cool bit is that we are also crowd-sourcing information on clusters from the general public…see the video below on how to map a cluster:

I’ll post updates on this project here on my blog as i happen to be the technical lead but you can also follow the project’s blog here:

06. August 2012 by 'Bosun Tijani
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