Growth Capital by CcHUB – a new beginning!

Today, I celebrate 5 years of working full time on CcHUB and coincidentally; we’ll launch an investment arm that is set to invest 1billion Naira in social tech ventures in the next 2 years. ‘Growth Capital by CcHUB’ started as a dream back in 2010. I still remember the first time I shared the vision with Tunji Eleso and how we ended up crafting a smaller scheme to help build our pipeline and credibility while testing the social entrepreneurship model.

I derive immense joy in seeing the continuous value we are able to add to Nigeria through our work at the CcHUB. It is a privilege to be in a position where we can create and appropriate value with the hope that collectively, we can shape our nation into a more prosperous and inclusive society. The destination isn’t in sight but our individual positive actions will collectively get us there!

Dreams do come true – as we set out to enable the next generation infrastructures in Nigeria through this fund, I encourage ‘you’ my friends to continue to dream. Our nation is blessed but lack critical mass of visionary fearless dreamers who are willing to put the good of all ahead of self.

Join me in raising a glass to a new chapter in the life of CcHUB :-)

Share a pic of you raising a glass and win a surprise “Growth Capital by CcHUB” gift.

14. December 2015 by 'Bosun Tijani
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