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Thank you for making the effort to visit my blog which was birthed by my passion for economic prosperity in Africa through application of knowledge (mainly science and technology).

I remember pondering when i was “14″ on the conditions in Africa and why we are so backward and plagued with a lot of issues. My little brain kept wondering why we can’t simply learn what the WEST in particular is doing differently and endeavor to CREATE our own heaven through the lessons. Little did i know that the winds of life and decisions I’ll make will lead me on a journey along this path.

With the opportunity to work on projects and with people from a number of countries across Europe and Africa namely: Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Switzerland, UK, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Italy, Estonia, Sweden, France, Ireland, Romania and Portugal. I have been formally and thoroughly inducted into the pursuit of deeper understanding of how better application of science and technology can help solve some of the pressing business and social issues in Africa.

How can we begin to create solutions to problems that are unique to us as against importing technologies which weren’t created with our needs in mind?
Have you noticed the amount of challenges we face in Africa that are ignored just because the solutions have not been created in the WEST or more recently Asia?

My work will take a cue from my interest in “the power of us” (Collective Intelligence) and “Co-creation”, drawing heavily on how to leverage knowledge from diverse sources for competitiveness of enterprises and nations.

Sorry if you find this blog boring as it will be a documentation of my work, findings, experiences and lessons as i start a new chapter in my bid to contributing to the development of my beloved Africa.

E ka bo! Welcome!

24. November 2010 by 'Bosun Tijani
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