Nigeria Beyond Elections 2011…transforming citizen participation in governance through tech innovation

The biggest issue in Nigeria at the moment is the 2011 elections. This is an opportunity and a pivotal moment to engage citizens in the governance of the country. While we work towards ensuring that the votes count and the right leaders are elected into leadership position this year, its also important to explore how the citizens will be engaged actively beyond the elections.

Governance i believe encompasses not just government, but also the civil society, the systems, the procedures and processes in place for planning, management and decision-making. Fostering sound public judgment through engagement of citizens is thus a key instrument for better governance. While technology offers no magic solutions, the diffusion of mobile phone in Africa provides a platform through which more citizens can gain access to information while participating in development processes and decisions that affect them.

In essence, HOW DO WE MAKE DEMOCRACY AN EVERYDAY AFFAIR? Got an idea on how web/mobile platforms can be used to transform citizen participation? Then join us at Tech-In Governance.

Tech-In Governance is a 48hr gathering of ideas, people and digital tools aimed at creating novel web & mobile solutions to transform citizen participation in governance. We’ll bring together some of the best governance experts, software developers, designers, marketing communication experts and social innovators to turn 6 selected ideas into tools and social start-ups (with working prototypes) in 48hrs.

This is sure a daunting endeavour but we understand the need to start from somewhere.

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10. February 2011 by 'Bosun Tijani
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